We power your innovations

Elysics is a development company built on the skills of extraordinary engineers. We manage your projects making your innovations a reality. We can take on responsibility for the whole project or just selected parts of it, depending on your needs. If a highly skilled resource on site under your own management is a better match for you, we can provide that as well.

Are You a Future Elysics Engineer?

The people working at Elysics are the heart and soul of the company. At Elysics we value our personnel and aim to make each individual thrive both personally and professionally.

We believe in the work-life balance and that having fun at work makes creativity flourish. This is why the people and their personal development is our top priority.

Do you also want to leave work every day feeling this is where you were meant to be?
Let us know.

This Is Elysics

Handpicked Skills

We select our engineers with care. This ensures creative solutions when bringing your innovations to life.

More With Less

Smoothly run projects with top quality within the given time frame is made possible through a well optimized development process, based on experience, to achieve more with less.


Our engineers are passionate about their work and thereby fully committed to your projects. All the way to the finish line.


An essential part of our culture is trust. Our engineers' commitment and our long-term relationship with our customers are built on confidence, humility and plain common sense.


Let's Get Creative!

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